Glass Brick: Advantages, Disadvantages, Types, Value, Use

The glass brick has a structural function, but it can also be used to decorate environments. It has great versatility and looks good in any room in the house. It can be used on internal walls, as partitions, among other uses, when choosing a glass wall art

It is a beautiful product that can add a sophisticated touch to your home decor. Your residence will have a modern look when using, for example, brick to divide the environments.

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Thus, the glass brick, also known as glass block, is increasingly used in construction. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, it presents a great cost benefit. Therefore, your residence can be structured with beauty and economy.

Image 01 : Home office rooms or bedrooms become well-lit environments with this type of product.

well lit home office

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Advantages of glass brick
The glass block has among its main characteristics the fact that it is translucent, that is, the light passes through it, thus making your room more illuminated allowing the passage of light from one place to another.

The room seems to get bigger due to this feature. It is recommended for small environments, making them wider. In this way, the use of brick is indicated for half walls, dividing the environment without the need to isolate them.

The wall is easier to clean. A damp cloth with or without soap can be used to clean it. That way you clean the glass brick wall quickly and conveniently.

The fact that the brick is translucent can help to save electricity. As the environment is illuminated, there is no need to turn on the light, as the environment transfers the luminosity from one place to another.

Image 02: Light up the corridors of your house with the glass brick.

hallway with natural lighting
The glass block has the advantage of being a thermal and sound insulator. It does not leak sound and ensures a milder climate in the environment, being a great option for warmer or colder places.

Thus, the brick also has an important characteristic which is to make the room “lighter”, that is, it has a looser, more sophisticated and pleasant air. It is a great option for those who want a more harmonious environment.

The cost of the glass block is well taken into account. It is a great investment, as in addition to bringing beauty to the room, it also saves energy. This feature makes it more economical than traditional brick, even though it is more expensive.

Image 03: Bathroom countertops can have natural lighting, thus saving on electricity.

bathroom with glass brick

Disadvantages of glass brick
Despite being a thermal insulator, the incidence of light on glass bricks can make the environment stuffy and warmer. So that this does not happen, it is indicated that the room is well ventilated.

You should choose a quality glass brick, as over time it can crack, turn yellow and become cloudy. Also, it can break if there is an accident involving it.

Periodic maintenance is required so that the blocks are always clean. When the glass wall is in contact with the external environment, it can accumulate dust, sea air, among other things that can make it dirty.

Image 04: See another beautiful example with well positioned bricks to provide more natural lighting to the environment.

well decorated bathroom
types of glass brick
There are three types of glass bricks, fixed, colored and leaked. Each one has its own characteristic being indicated for a certain room of the residence.

The fixed piece is completely closed and completely translucent, and can be smooth or with textures such as wavy or ribbed. It is the most classic model of all and used on a large scale.

The colored glass brick has the same characteristics as the fixed one, however, it has color. In addition, it is a great option for those who wish to have the environment decorated according to their style.

The hollow glass block is open and has an inclined glass in the middle of it, allowing air to enter. It is indicated that it is used in places where it is protected from rain, to avoid wetting the room.

Image 05: Make facades of modern houses with glass brick and make your work even more incredible!

facade with glass element
value of glass brick

Glass brick is sold per unit and is usually more expensive than traditional brick. In certain regions it costs ten times more than the brick from Bahia. However, it presents a great cost-benefit for saving electricity.

The characteristics of the glass block allow you to decorate the environment to your liking, so see if your budget allows for a different decoration of the room where the brick will be installed.

Image 06: On pergolas it can also be used to create light and graceful walls.

large pergola
Using the glass block
The glass brick can be installed in bathrooms, in the living room, in the entrance hall and wherever your imagination allows. It is an important piece in the decoration of the environment.

The advantages presented make brick a great option for those who want to have a differentiated and harmonious environment, with exclusive colors and shapes that will make their home much more beautiful.

The structure of the wall is also decisive when choosing this brick, as it is much less heavy than the traditional one, producing a reduction in expenses with the foundation of the work.

In colder places, the glass wall can balance the temperature, warming the environment with sunlight through the glass. It is a practical and safe natural heater.

However, in order to produce quality thermal insulation, it is necessary to invest in the treatment given to the glass bricks, making them more expensive, requiring a larger budget for the work.

The glass brick offers the work functionality and beauty that stand out from its competitors. It is a block that presents unique characteristics that can transform the environment of the room.

It is possible to choose between the three types of bricks. In addition, the glass block can be used in different ways and in different environments of the residence, making it more your own. Creativity is the limit.

To install the glass blocks, certain precautions are necessary, such as aligning the bricks, preventing the wall from becoming deformed. An expert professional is indicated to build it.

If you want beauty, practicality and sophistication, glass bricks are indicated, as they manage to combine design with comfort. With them you can have savings and a great decoration in your environment.

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